• (YGP) is a Portal set-up to connect Customers and Professional Firms offering "Cross-border Business Services" in the fields of Accounting, Legal, Statutory, Compliance, Tax Advisory and other services. Professionals can join to OFFER their Services as well as AVAIL Services in other countries or other services.
  • The Professional needs to register with YGP to provide services through the portal. The Portal will review the application of the Professional along with the documents submitted and will Register. In some cases, YGP may reject the Registration of the Professional. YGP will not display the names and contact details of Professionals who have been selected to render service.
  • After receiving a Job Enquiry through the Portal, YGP will select a few Professionals in that geography and request quotations based on its assessment of capabilities and service quality. YGP will not share the assessment details with the Professional.
  • The Professional is expected to send quotations within the time stipulated by YGP. They have the option to decline to send quotations, but communicate the same in time. After receiving a few Quotations based on the chosen Plan, the Customer chooses the Professional and makes the payment through the Portal. YourGlobalPro will facilitate the payment to the Professional.
  • Though YGP facilitates the engagement of the Professional by the Customer, the Service Contract is between the Professional and the Customer.
  • Regarding Financial Terms, please contact from your Company e-Mail ID.
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